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The sideblog of a long time WoW player that just recently started playing again due to the announcement of WoD. I tend to make edits and gifs from time to time.


Esme for jessipalooza

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 Favourite Racial Leader (Horde) - Thrall
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Stormwind City mage tower

More screenshots ]

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So I finally started playing WoW and I was wondering, if I stood in front of the Stormwind chapel and yelled "Lordaeron" three times, how many human male paladins do you think would come a-running?


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a comission for a friend

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I just hit 400 followers so I’m doing a give away~! :D

How to enter: Be a follower of mine and reblog or like this post. Every note counts as one entry.

How This Is Gonna Work: On August 5th at 7pm PST I’ll use a random number generator to pick who wins out of the note order!

I’ll make a post to announce the winners. Winners will have one week to send me an ask or reblog the announcement with what they want drawn. If they don’t I’ll use the generator to pick a replacement winner on August 12th. And so on. Hopefully all the winners respond, lol I am not gonna hunt you down to give you free stuff, tho. :3 I want these to go to people who really want them.


First prize is a full color waist up portrait of any character you like. You can link an armory, or give me other refs for an OC. I do ask that their face be visible and that their armor is not absolutely redic.

Second Prize: I will pick 5 runners up that will get to choose between a colored bust portrait or a full body chibi portrait of any character. See examples above for what to expect from each. :)

Thank you everyone for following me and helping me get this far here on tumblr! I’m glad to give a little back. I’ve had a lot of fun since joining this site. This is my first give away, so please, be gentle.

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thirty-day world of warcraft challenge

day twenty one   a dragonflight

"with breath as icy as the winds of northrend and incomparable intelligence, blue dragons are forces to be reckoned with."

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